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How to tell if a helmet is approved for use on the roads in Canada and the US ?
In North America, the DOT standard is the most common standard.

In the United States, the DOT standard is mandatory. If your helmet does not have the DOT label, usually located on the back of the helmet, you could be intercepted by U.S. Border agents.

In Canada, your helmet also must be certified. The DOT standard is accepted throughout the country. Unlike the United States, the ECE 22.05 standard is accepted in most Canadian provinces (except or Manitoba, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island). The ECE standard is the European standard of reference.

Canada accepts THE SNELL standard as well. Although this standard is less common, some motor sport competitions make the wearing of SNELL certified helmets compulsory.

In all cases, a label must be affixed on the back of the helmet, outside the shell, to approve compliance with the standards.

Please note that other standards exist for helmets. However, the above-mentioned standards are the most common.
How to distinguish a summer helmet from a winter helmet?
Summer helmets come with a single visor while winter helmets have a double visor.

Summer helmets usually have a better ventilation system than winter helmets. On the other hand, a good winter helmet will provide better insulation against the cold.

Some snowmobile helmets even offer specifically-designed additional features to reduce the cold and fogging (chin guard, forehead protector, breath deflector, electric visor, etc.)
Which things should be considered when purchasing a helmet?
First, you have to make sure the helmet complies with all standards in force in the country and/or province where it will be used in order to meet bike-riding requirements.

Please note that all CKX helmets are at least DOT or ECE certified.

Next, it is crucial to choose the correct head size, for reasons of safety and comfort.

For information purposes, please refer to the Helmet sizing chart and measurement guide as displayed in each helmets page at the end of the photo section.
How do I make sure my helmet is the right size?
Place the helmet on your head; make sure it does not slide down over your eyes, and does not move freely from side to side when you tilt your head. 

Also, make sure the front of the helmet does not “crush” your nose or mouth, as this will result in making your breathing more difficult.

You may also have a look at our sizing chart displayed in every helmet page under the Photo section.
Do CKX helmets meet ECE and/or SNELL standards?
Some CKX helmets meet the ECE standard.
Please check each CKX helmet description to see its certification(s).
Where can I find spare parts for my CKX helmet?
The easiest way is to visit the "Replacement Parts" section under the HELMET tab of the www.ckxgear.com site or visit a CKX/Kimpex retailer who can order the part you need.
Do you supply women boots?
Adult boots on the site are suitable for both men and women. Therefore, available sizes on the site are U.S. man sizes. You can use this conversion chart for reference. Visit your local CKX / Kimpex retailer to ensure an accurate fit.
Men size (CKX site)45678910111213
Women size678910111213NANA
How to choose the right goggles?
The main criteria when buying goggles is to make sure you choose a model that will work well with your helmet. Visit your local CKX/Kimpex retailer to ensure a precise fit.
Thereafter, you can choose the color of the lens (clear, yellow, orange, smoke) according to the lighting conditions when you ride.
Finally, you also have the choice of the lens type, simple for summer use or double for winter use.
Which lens color should I choose for my goggles?
Clear: Recommended for cloudy days and at the time of sunset.
Yellow: Improves contrast, reduces glare. High Intensity tint for maximum sight performance during low light driving. Excellent for night riding and for cloudy conditions.
Orange/Amber: Heightens contrast in partly cloudy and sunny conditions. Blocks high amounts of blue light to highten contrast and visual acuity.
Blue: Reduces glare from visible white light and hightens contrast.
Pink: Provides the best optics for the widest variety of light conditions. Enhances depth perception, increases contrast, and maximizes visual acuity.
How can I track my order?
In the confirmation email you received, there is a tracking number.  Enter that number on the carrier's website to track your order.
What paiement methods are accepted?
You can safely complete your transactions on CKXGears.com by using one of the major credit card company. (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discovery, JCB ou Dinners Club)
Why do I have to select a dealer even if I asked for a home delivery?

Because this is with this dealer that you are completing the financial part of the transaction.

CKX do not sell directly to consumers, always through a retailer.

This retailer is also responsible for your after-sale service!

Can I buy directly from CKXGears.com?
Yes, it is now possible to order directly on CKXGears.com, but to respect the supply chain and our dealer network, we will ask you to select a dealer to complete the financial transaction online.
How can I validate if a product on the site is in stock in a dealership?

Inventory on CKXGears.com does not reflect the dealers' inventory.  All order processed through CKX,com, whatever which dealer is selected to complete the transaction, is shipped from CKX warehouses with CKX inventory.

To validate the availability of a particular parts in a dealership, you have to contact him directly.

Can I ship my items in a different country?

CKXGears.com only ship in Canada and United States for the moment.

You need to select the Canadian version to see the available products in Canada and the American version to see the available products for USA.

To change the version of the site, see the top right corner of the site.
How can I return a defective product or a product that doesn't fit my needs?

All return requests must be done directly with the dealer you selected to complete the transaction (written on your invoice). Dealer's return policies apply*.

CKX won't accept any direct returns from consumers.

*The dealer may apply return fees.

Can I ship my items to a PO box?

Yes, We ship everywhere in Canada and United States where the major carrier allow it. (Dicom, DHL, Purolator, UPS,...)

Extra shipping charges may applied for beyond areas.

What are the extra shipping fees I can expect on my order?

All orders over $99.99 are shipped free (Some exceptions apply).

Shipping fees are fixed, but may vary depending of :

-Overweight items to ship
-Oversized items to ship
-Items to be shipped on skid
-Dangerous good to ship (ex.: Battery)
-Beyond areas
-Items where environmental taxes apply
Can I pick my order in store?

Yes you can!

You need to wait the call from your selected dealer before going to the store to pick your order. (Average delay is 24 to 48h)

Shipping fees may occur as even if it is an "in store-pickup", CKX will ship the product from its warehouse to the retailer.

Where can I see my purchase history?

You can see your purchase history only if you created a customer account (My CKX) and signed-in for your previous orders.

If so, then click on the Log In button or the My CKX link at the top of the site to enter your account and see your purchase history.

Why my local dealer is not showing in the dealer selector?

There are 2 possible reasons to explain that:

1 - Whether your local retailer has not joined the CKX program to sell on CKXGears.com (He can contact CKX customer service to request it)

2 - Whether the products added in your shopping cart are not all available from your local dealer.

How to cancel an order?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel a confirmed order.  You can decline it upon reception or accept it and ask for a return with the dealer you selected to complete the transaction.

Attention, some handling or shipping fees can be applied by the dealer.

Do the advertized prices on CKXGears.com are the same in store from a dealer to another?

No, not automatically. Prices on CKXGears.com are established by CKX, not by the dealers.

The dealers may sell at a lower or higher price.