AMS Technology


AMS Technology


CKX presents the AMS technology, the integrated Air Management System providing unparalleled comfort for trail-driving enthusiasts. AMS operation is based on a physical principle associated with fluid mechanics. The movement creates a low-pressure zone at the back of the helmet which results in drawing the moist air expelled by the driver into the AMS channel outlet to the outside. In so doing, the AMS actively contributes to reducing internal condensation, fogging and frost which allows you to benefit from a clean space, free from condensation and frost.


20 000 mm Water and wind resistant/15 000 g /m2/ 24 h breathability


Vivo features a series of small apertures set within the insulation. The holes are uniquely sized to trap air. They also create paths of “least resistance,” allowing moisture to escape quickly away from the body. That’s how it enhances breathability without decreasing thermal performance. Made with 90% recycled fibers, Vivo Eco's flexible yet stable structure provides excellent comfort.


Have that invincible feeling when facing outdoor conditions such as wind, cold, snow, drizzle or even rain thanks to Voltez membrane which is applied to the back of fabrics in the CKX line. Voltez membrane is a light and supple waterproof /windproof shield that breathes well. To obtain a real feeling of well being and warmth, your body must maintain the perfect thermal balance at all times, in other words, it must remain dry. This is why garments must let perspiration out and keep humidity away from your skin. When perspiration stays on your skin, it cools and so does your whole body. Hence, the importance of choosing protection that breathes. Voltez membrane lets you enjoy your outdoor activity and surpass your limits! Regardless of the conditions, you will remain dry, protected from the wind and comfortable at all times thanks to Voltez! 


Thermoshield insulation provides warmth and comfort. Because it is comfortable and lightweight insulation allows freedom of movement. Its fibers trap air for greater insulation for light and heavy-duty performance. You’ll stay warm and dry.