Snowmobiler having fun while wearing the Titan helmet

The one and only snowmobile BACKCOUNTRY STYLE MODULAR HELMET

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Person with the Titan helmet


Take hold of winter! Kilometers of powder snow to overcome.

The CKX Titan helmet, in a class of its own, strives to make its way off the beaten track. Fully modular, this helmet adapts to the intensity level of your activity and your type of ride.

Keep your eyes wide open. Take a break. BREATHE.

Available in 3 different models, Titan helmets stand out with unique features.

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Removable muzzle.

With the removable muzzle, you can communicate and breathe freely without removing the helmet.

210 degre field of view logo

210° field of view

Enjoy a panoramic view among the widest offered with the 210° goggles.

Person using the Titan helmet

CHOOSE YOUR TITAN, according to your personality

Titan original helmet



Titan electric combo helmet



Titan air flow helmet



Person wearing a Titan helmet
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TITAN ORIGINAL Limitless versatility.

From TRAIL to BACKCOUNTRY…and everything in between!

  • Providing you with maximum insulation, the original Titan is already set for trail riding mode in the box.
  • Ride for long periods of time in cold weather at high speed.
  • Customize your TITAN by removing the insulation pieces and adapt it to the intensity level of your activity down to the backcountry riding mode.
Titan helmet configurations
Titan electric combo helmet

* Available only with Mat Black and Glossy Black helmets.

Get yourself connected with the same versatility.

  • Enjoy the versatility of the original Titan helmet and the effectiveness of 210° heated goggles.
  • Whether you like on-trail or off-trail riding, the electric combo ensures that you are constantly connected!
  • The improved electrical assembly and the use of superior wire quality give the goggles greater strength and durability.
logo of a helmet showing ventilation airflowAirflow icon


For the fearless rider only!

  • Ride in a backcountry style that requires a high intensity level of activity with the Air Flow helmet.
  • Without insulation and with optimal ventilation, it is ideal for mild climates.
  • The helmet’s design ensures optimal fresh air circulation and efficient warm air evacuation.
Snowmobiler with the Titan Air flow helmet