About us


CKX is a clothing, accessories and helmet (Snowmobile, Motorcycle & ATV) brand. Constantly evolving, listening to its customers and relentlesslt seeking innovation. Since the beginning of the CKX brand in 1991, our product range has not only grown but has also improved thanks to your comments.

At the core of CKX culture

CKX's mission is clear, it is to allow everyone to live their passion to the extreme (Snowmobile, ATV, Motorcycle and Motocross) with the following principles at the core of its culture:

Saftey and performanceTechnologyQuality and accessability

Offering innovative, high-performance and reliabe products.


Allows you to stay dry, warm and comfortable no matter the conditions, the level of activity and budget.



Offer high quality clothes at very reasonable prices so you can show your passion!



CKX: Three letters: Be, Think, Move!

philosophie CKX

CKX is a deep sense of freedom, pleasure shared with people as passionate as you are, a sensation of being one with the elements and dominating them.


  • 1983 : Birth of the CKX brand with the first snowmobile helmets.  
  • 1992 : Addition of a line of boots, gloves and mittens.
  • 1995 : Addition of a line of motorcycle helmets.
  • 2005 : Birth of the very popular Tranz modular helmet for snowmobile.
  • 2007 : Addition of a performing underwear line.
  • 2010 : CKX goes Facebook. Like us!
  • 2011 : 20th anniversary of the CKX brand.
  • 2012 : Launch of the CP4 categorization system
  • 2013 : Launch of the new ckxgear.com
  • 2014 : The development and sales of the fast-growing Russian market are managed by a subsidiary of Kimpex Inc. In St-Petersburg - company KIMPEX RUS