• My name is Kyle Good and I am the Trail Manager for the New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs. On March 25th, 2017 my father, Kevin Good was involved in a tragic accident involving his snowmobile where it collided with a guardrail on a bridge he was crossing. There was a lip of hard snow from where the groomer had passed the night before which unfortunately sent him with force into the bridge he was crossing. THANKFULLY he was wearing one of your CKX Modular Helmets. This was the #1 helmet for me and always has been. Last year when both my mom and dad were shopping for new helmets I advised them hands down, this was the helmet they must have and fortunately in Moncton, NB at G-Bourque Arctic Cat Dealer they were able to make this purchase. This helmet, your helmet! saved my fathers life! The shield on the helmet exploded into pieces when his head hit the metal beam on the bridge. The helmet also has two major cracks from the impact. While on a business trip 2 days following the accident I stopped into Patterson Sales (Arctic Cat dealer) and purchased ANOTHER CKX Modular helmet with a heated shield and was able to give him this today upon my arrival home. It certainly made his day! He will be resting for the remainder of the week but you can count on him hitting the trails again! Many Thanks to all of you for your level of support and service, look forward to hearing from you, Kyle Good NBFSC, Trail Manager

    Kyle Good

    The N.B. Fed. of Snowmobile Clubs, Trail Manager

  • I would like to thank you for making such a strong, reliable product. My husband and I were in a serious snowmobile accident last weekend while riding the lake near our home. We were both ejected from our machines. My husband's helmet struck the ice with such force that the helmet broke into many pieces as well as cracked across the majority of the back of the helmet. After several days, we are recovering, but are very thankful he was wearing a CKX Tranz modular helmet and was able to walk away. The attending physician in the emergency room also took pictures of his helmet as well as my husband walking out of the emergency room with me. The doctor wanted to use those photos to show others who believe wearing a helmet is "optional". It was very clear without Dustin's CKX helmet, I would have lost him that night. Thank you again, we are forever grateful.

    Carrie Strauser


  • I had the snow machine out this weekend on a longer ride and wanted to share some points I really found impressive with this helmet: Very comfortable following a 2 hour ride - did not feel heavy on my head. Muffled the sound of the snow machine even at high speed. No air leaks as I have experienced with other Very good peripheral viewing with wider lens Sun visor assists in defining the terrain Sun visor is an asset for driving on sunny days, very easy to adjust as required. Quick disconnect chin strap is an A+ Modular face shield - very easy to unlock even with snowmobile gloves on. By far the best helmet I have ever had!

    Henry Riederer


  • Hey, I just wanted to say that your helmets saved me and my buddy. We were out biking last night and a rope got caught in the tire and flipped us. My friend broke his collarbone and I broke my nose, but your CKX helmets save our lives and we just want to thank you. Thank you very much! You guys are awesome and I will never buy another helmet unless it’s a CKX. Thank you very much!

    Cody McNeille

    Motorcycle Rider

  • During the last 4 years, I’ve worn dozens of Kimpex suits including clothing, helmets (snwomobile , hoff-road and road helmets), goggles, gloves,... I’ve always had an excellent efficiency as well as being well protected with CKX. More and more, CKX is inovating with new designs, a more comprehensive and attractive line with innovative features at a very very competitive prices. This is why I’m very pleased to be the brand’s spokeman. Horik Tested!

    Martin Horik

    TV Animator

  • CKX have packed a lot of high tech features into the Escape Win-Tec jacket; especially considering the economical price point. Windproof, breathable and waterproof - it's comfortable, light weight, and warm. It also includes 3M Scotchlite reflective materials tastefully incorporated into the design to enhance your safety. The Win-Tec has quickly become my new do-it-all jacket!alking out of the emergency room with me.

    Dan McAfee

    Owner of Canadianmotorcyclerider.ca

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