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CKX Titan Air Flow Backcountry Helmet, Winter Solid - Included 210° Goggles



Matte Black


Matte Carbon


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Quick Release / Proclip


Titan Air Flow


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Part number :509741
The perfect helmet, for bold riders only!
Are you a backcountry enthusiast in the very finest tradition? With optimal ventilation, the CKX Titan Air Flow has been designed for you.

Optimal ventilation for backcountry riding
Designed with numerous ventilation ports, the helmet ensures optimal fresh air circulation and effective evacuation of the warm air. Whether you have a high level of body warmth or ride in mild climate conditions, the Titan Air Flow will keep you comfortable, no matter how intense is your activity.

Familiar features
Direct heir of the original Titan helmet, the Air Flow has several similar features you will enjoy. The most typical of those are the removable muzzle and the panoramic field of view provided by the 210° goggles. Stand out by displaying exclusive graphics available in various colors.

Choose your ally to experience great adventures! Get the CKX Titan Air Flow.


About the Titan Air Flow Helmet:
  • Superior field of view with the 210° goggles
  • Removable muzzle to free the rider
  • Removable GoPro® camera mount
  • Perforated inner lining
  • Lining pattern to maximize ventilation around the neck.
  • Open cheek pads to reduce contact with the face.
  • Fiberglass composite constructed shell
  • Weight : 1350 ± 50g
  • ProClip quick release mechanism
  • ECE 22.05 certified

About the backcountry 210° Goggles:

  • Flexible polyurethane frame
  • Adjustable vents
  • Anti-scratch lens
  • Anti-fog double lens
  • 100% UV protected lens
  • Additional foam barrier against the wind
  • Adapted for prescription glasses
  • Removable nose guard
  • RapidClip strap
* Sold with fully ventilated backcountry goggles only.
Also, you can equip your Titan with heated lens by getting the tactical electric conversion kit. 120098 (clear) / 120099 (yellow)

For more details on features check out the CKX Official Web Site.

- Several patents pending

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  • Kimpex catalog number :509741


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